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02 August 2022
The Yemen salt pans are a national treasure. They have been in operation for 75 years and are the only remaining salt works on our island. Anandi Mahadoo is well aware of their worth. “My mother was a salt worker here. I was 10-11 years old when I started coming with her to give her a hand. And I officially took a job here after I got married.”
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25 July 2022
The first women’s team at Riverland Sports Club was launched about two years ago by Loïc Joanno, in charge of the football academy of the club. Four of his protégées now play for the national Under-17 (U-17) team.
19 July 2022
Yeshen travels the island by bus and on foot with his easel, painting his works on the spot. The scents, colours and atmosphere of a place add texture to his paintings. In Black River, his work is inspired by the scent of acacia trees, pie lakol (which directly translates to ‘glue tree’) and pie maron.
07 July 2022
Cap Tamarin has brought on board the services of C+S Health Diagnostics (a subsidiary of the IBL Group’s Life Together) to meet the healthcare and wellness needs of the residents of the West with high quality holistic care.
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23 June 2022
Looking for exciting street food experiences in Tamarin? We have personally tested and approved the following three outlets.
13 June 2022
The Mauritian photographer and videographer, Stéphane Mussard grew up in Tamarin before leaving for Paris to train in the audiovisual industry. He also worked for various production companies before returning to his native island in 2014. He now specialises in lifestyle and portrait photography.