Animalia, the number one animal care center on the island, has opened in Cap Tamarin.

30 April 2024

It is with pride that Cap Tamarin announces the long-awaited opening of Animalia, the leading animal care center in Mauritius. This new center finds its place in the heart of our dynamic and growing region.

Residents of Cap Tamarin and the surrounding areas will now have access to a dedicated team of experienced veterinarians, including specialists, ready to welcome their pets 7 days a week. Animalia is equipped with the most advanced technologies, such as digital x-ray and ultrasound, as well as state-of-the-art operating theatres perfectly suited to meet all the health needs of animals, including orthopedic surgeries.

In addition to exceptional veterinary care, Animalia also offers the largest selection of pet food and accessories on the island, as well as grooming services to keep four-legged companions clean and healthy.

équipe Animalia

To facilitate access to Animalia, parking spaces are available right in front of the center, providing added convenience for Cap Tamarin residents and visitors.

Cap Tamarin is proud to welcome this new top-tier animal care center and invites all animal lovers to come and discover the exceptional services offered by Animalia. It is an excellent addition to our ever-evolving region, reinforcing our commitment to providing an exceptional quality of life for our residents and their four-legged companions.