Buying a villa at Cap Tamarin means choosing a lifestyle that is as pleasant as it is convenient.


As from Rs 25  million

Elegant villa in an idyllic setting

Buy a luxury villa on the West Coast

Perfectly encapsulating the region’s dynamic lifestyle, Cap Tamarin’s villas lie on the edge of the village. From modern and warm pieds-à-terre to high-end properties on the river, the Smart & Happy Village offers villas for sale that are unlike any you’ve seen before. Featuring a contemporary look, private garden and swimming pool, Villas Aloès feel like an escape from your daily routine. Villa 8ight, which bear the unmistakable stamp of Mauritian designer Mario Guillot, are a brilliant ode to the Mauritian art de vivre. Marketed under the Smart City Scheme, these villas are available for Mauritians and foreigners alike. They will no doubt enchant families looking to savor the best of the West Coast, both on a daily basis and on a holiday.

Cap Tamarin, the quintessential art de vivre

Fringing the river, the villas open out over the West Coast’s lush greenery. Mere steps away, you will find your daily necessities: international primary, secondary and high schools, La Place Cap Tamarin, Riverland fitness club, L’Ofis’ suite of offices… in essence, the quintessential village life calls out to you in Cap Tamarin .

Not too far away, some of the island’s most beautiful golf courses await, much like Black River Gorges Natural Park and the breathtaking turquoise lagoon shielded from strong winds by Le Morne mountain… Relax, unwind and bask in the most beautiful things the region has to offer!

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