Cap Tamarin places sustainability and ecology at the heart of its priorities when it comes to urban development. Committing to a smart living philosophy means adopting green measures and ensuring that our heritage stands the test of time for generations to come; this is why Cap Tamarin is dedicated to making the Smart & Happy Village a sustainable model that will inspire the rest of the region, and the island, to follow suit.

The Smart & Happy Village aims to minimise its impact on the environment by adopting a series of measures that reduce energy consumption and promote new lifestyles. By employing an intelligent architecture, sorting waste, implementing soft modes of transportation, using green energies, enhancing green spaces and creating renewable energy, Cap Tamarin brings its green philosophy to life through each one of its actions.


Park along the

3 km

pedestrian and
cycle paths

2,5 MW

renewable energy produced by photovoltaic panels upon completion of the project


collected rainwater
used for


The park

Designed as a peaceful and relaxing public space, Cap Tamarin’s forthcoming three-hectare park will be built along the river. The ideal meeting spot for both families and sports enthusiasts wishing to exercise outdoors, the park will be invigorated by a series of events and activities—from group yoga classes and outdoor concerts to a play area for kids and a skate park! In the morning before starting your day or even upon nightfall, as the sun begins to set, take the time to soak in the wellness that exudes from this expanse of lush greenery.

Waste recycling

Well aware that thinking in a sustainable way begins with protecting our environment, Cap Tamarin is teaming up with Mission Verte to offer common waste sorting bins located at Coeur Cap Tamarin and Paul et Virginie primary school’s parking lots. The waste will then be transported and treated by the association’s partners. Each one of the village’s new residences will also be equipped with large waste bins.

Photovoltaic solar panels

With photovoltaic solar panels placed in all the commercial spaces as well as residential areas, Cap Tamarin is advocating a shift to renewable energy across the village. Once completed, the village will have the capacity to easily generate up to 2.5 MW of green energy by harnessing the sun’s energy—which the West Coast, where the sun shines year-round, can rely on without a second thought!

Cycle paths

Promoting soft mobility is one of Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village’s deepest commitments. The upcoming three-kilometre pedestrian and cycle paths are both an environment-friendly solution and a daily pleasure in keeping with the village’s authentic philosophy. Their goal is to encourage residents to leave their cars behind and instead, move around on foot or by bike so they can slow down their pace and find peace in living everyday experiences to the fullest.