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Riverland Sports Club is the go-to fitness centre for athletes of all levels and practitioners of all sports! 

This fitness area offers four outdoor tennis courts, a freshwater swimming pool, play areas dedicated to rugby, football and archery, as well as a beach volleyball court and a golf driving range. 

It also features a health centre, indoor activities, group classes and a café-style restaurant, Le Haka Restaurant & Sports Bar.


From the paddle tennis court to the running track, not to forget the beach volleyball court, the spa, the swimming pool which also offers swimming lessons for babies, the football pitches, the new indoor sports rooms and a complete programme offering group classes… 

You guessed it: Riverland Sports Club is expanding! Its goal: to offer a maximum number of sports specialities and please a maximum number of people. Its larger area will allow it to accommodate more sports enthusiasts, so they can exert their energy as they see fit, learn a new sport and dedicate time to their wellbeing.