H57 is an ultramodern office building located in the heart of the city. This new development offers workspaces suitable for all types of services and benefits from a strategic location near the main attractions of Cap Tamarin, such as the IBL Life clinicPaul et Virginie school, and the sports club, RM Club. Fully customizable office spaces are available for purchase.

Ideal for professionals, service companies, and businesses, H57 offers multiple advantages. Situated in the heart of Cap Tamarin, H57 stands out for its strategic location and exceptional visibility, with over 100 meters of frontage along the road.

Its innovative design and state-of-the-art construction techniques make it both a functional and visually appealing building, created in collaboration with our partners Architect Studio and Transinvest H57.


  Booked   Sold

LotTypeAreaSales price (MUR)
Lot 1 Commerce 39m² 5,265,000
Lot 2 Commerce 34m² 4,590,000
Lot 3 Commerce 25m² 3,375,000
Lot 4 Bureau 101m² 11,615,000
Lot 5 Bureau 83m² 9,545,000
Lot 6 Bureau 49m² 5,635,000
Lot 7 Bureau 49m² 5,635,000
Lot 8 Bureau 128m² 14,720,000
Lot 9 Bureau 70m² 8,050,000
Lot 10 Bureau 35m² 4,025,000
Lot 11 Bureau 35m² 4,025,000
Lot 12 Bureau 101m² 11,615,000
Lot 13 Bureau 83m² 9,545,000
Lot 14 Bureau 49m² 5,635,000
Lot 15 Bureau 49m² 5,635,000
Lot 16 Bureau 128m² 14,720,000
Lot 17 Bureau 70m² 8,050,000
Lot 18 Bureau 35m² 4,025,000
Lot 19 Bureau 35m² 4,025,000
Lot 20 Bureau + Terasse 120m² + 60m² 20,642,500
Lot 21 Bureau + Terasse 120m² + 60m² 20,642,500

The sales prices do not include the 5% government tax, 1.15% notary fees and the 15% VAT for shops and offices.



Marketed under the Smart City Scheme, H57 is accessible to both Mauritian clients and foreigners looking to invest in real estate in Mauritius or benefit from the emergence of Urban & Coastal Living in Cap Tamarin.