sun and sea

Smart & Happy



Our role is to build with conviction, realism and ambition―without veering into utopia―a model for community living that stands the test of time. We seek to bring out the energy of the women, men and young people living in Tamarin, stay inspired by our surroundings and keep writing the history of the region and of our land, in collaboration with the most skilled of experts.

Cap Tamarin was conceived by drawing upon the energy and harmony that reign in the seaside village of Tamarin. Its stunning landscapes, authenticity and cultural diversity are only a few of the many assets that make up its exclusive lifestyle. This is why the Smart & Happy Village is being designed in an inclusive way, allowing one and all to live, work and thrive.







A lifestyle that is best nurtured together

With a rhythm and lifestyle that set it apart, Cap Tamarin places all the essentials close… and adventure closer still! The village was designed in a way that allows you to live a fulfilled life every day. From breakfast with the family on your terrace, to having an evening drink with your friends in one of the restaurants lining the pedestrian space, reimagine your daily life and take the time to savour the moments that matter most.

Cap Tamarin is where you will find people of all ages, all horizons and all cultures. A harmonious life, in keeping with Tamarin’s authentic philosophy. From its mystical beach to the new park fringing the edge of the village, the atmosphere is filled with laughter, music and a peaceful feeling. No matter where you are in the village, you will delight in the daily joys of getting together and sharing!

This lifestyle, unlike any other on the island, is Cap Tamarin’s signature. This Smart & Happy Village taps into the region’s most beautiful assets and uniqueness to offer a living environment that is pleasant, convenient and serene. Together, let’s nurture it and cherish the best of Cap Tamarin, each day!