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On the west coast of Mauritius, nestled between the iconic Tamarin Bay and La Tourelle mountain, the Urban & Coastal Living of Cap Tamarin beckons. Developed under the Smart City Scheme and sprawled over 44 hectares, the seaside village is deeply rooted in eco-responsibility—the very first of its kind in the Indian Ocean.

Living in Cap Tamarin means choosing a serene and harmonious life. Grounded in the principles of diversity and sustainable development, the smart village was conceived in a way that honours—and extends—Tamarin’s cosmopolitan wealth. Following a rhythm and lifestyle that set it apart, Cap Tamarin keeps you close to the essentials… and closer yet to adventure!

Cap Tamarin is already a reality. Using a mixed approach, the smart city is centred around the shopping centre La Place Cap Tamarin where events are frequently held, luxury residences Les Terrasses du Barachois, Riverland Sports & Fitness Club and Paul et Virginie, a primary school accredited by the AEFE (the association of French schools abroad). During the course of 2020, additional developments will further enhance this offer: a three-hectare park fringing a river, C-Care private clinic, and a 5,000m2 Super U hypermarket. Following this, Cap Tamarin will reveal two retirement homes, an international kindergarten and primary school, a secondary school and high school offering both international and French curriculums, a suite of offices, a cultural centre and a brand new Riverland fitness club. A comprehensive offer, to say the least!

Eco-responsibility is at the heart of Cap Tamarin’s commitment. Once completed, the village will have the capacity to generate 2.5 MW of renewable energy using photovoltaic solar panels. Its green philosophy is also reflected in its approach to preserving natural resources, achieved by treating and reusing wastewater. The village espouses a reasoned architecture, featuring buildings designed to minimise their environmental impact: designation of an optimal location to ensure they benefit from prevailing winds and reduce the use of air conditioning, use of green energy and insulating paint, set-up of an efficient system for sorting and recycling waste…

Driven by its commitment to soft mobility, Cap Tamarin has devised the construction of three kilometres of pedestrian and bicycle lanes that will meander across the village. What better way to bask in the joys of everyday life!





As from Rs 8.2 million



As from Rs 25  million



  • Shopping
  • Education
  • Hobbies
  • Offices
  • Residential
  • Health
  • Existing

  • Phase 1
    2018 - 2024

  • Phase 2
    2023 - 2027

  • Phase 3
    2026 - 2030

Why invest in cap tamarin smart city

  • A unique location on the west coast
  • One of its kind art of living
  • Essentials nearby… Work, Live & Play
  • Cap Tamarin, already a reality
  • Varied real estate offer accessible to all
  • Next deliveries as from 2023
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Smart City Scheme, an advantageous program for foreigners and Mauritians
  • Funding facilities from partners
  • Excellent return on investment
  • An average rental yield of 6,5% on residential apartments over the last few years
  • An average capital yield of 15% on residential apartments during the past few years

A harmonious living

Putting down your roots in Cap Tamarin means choosing a way of life unlike any other in the heart of a serene environment. Here, leave behind any needless stress and ease into a more natural rhythm, in perfect harmony with your environment!

In addition to a diverse real estate offering designed to meet your unique life plan, no matter what it may be, the Urban and Coastal Living brings forth a range of amenities that is sure to imbue your daily life with simplicity and enjoyment―from schools and a shopping centre, to a fitness club, a private clinic and a park.

By bike or on foot, work and fun are mere steps away. Here, life moves at a different pace!


the art of living

Renowned for its sandy beaches and azure lagoons, Mauritius has much more to offer. Home to a growing number of expats, it appeals to travellers seeking a cosmopolitan culture, an unparalleled quality of life and the warm hospitality only Mauritians know how to extend.

Resolutely open to the world, the island offers a range of attractive tax incentives that will no doubt encourage foreigners to settle down in Mauritius… for a peaceful getaway in their second home, or even for good!

The West Coast, where Tamarin is located, is one of the most coveted regions of the island. An ideal playground for sports enthusiasts, there is no better place for water sports―surfing, diving, kitesurfing and boating―or all types of outdoor land activities: golfing, hiking, mountain biking and much more.

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