Life Together

With all the essentials in close proximity, Cap Tamarin is now ushering in medical expertise to the heart of the island. Life Together offers comprehensive care services to residents of the region.
At Life Together, we have crafted a health and well-being journey driven by people caring for people to accompany our patient through every step of his life, by uniting human care with scientific and medical expertise, to deliver a more meaningful and kind approach to laboratory analysis, medical imaging, medical consultations, emergency services, hospital at home care, rehabilitation therapies, ambulatory surgery and alternative well-being therapies.

Family Doctor


Obstetrics and Gynaecology




If you are an Animal Lover,
Animalia is the Perfect Choice for you with:
  • Team of 7 doctors including specialists
  • Opened 7/7
  • Largest veterinary center for africa (our candos facility)
  • Largest choice of pet food & accessories
  • +50 parking spaces
  • Equipped with digital x-ray, ultrasound, fully set up operation theatres
  • Orthopedic surgeries