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21 July 2023
Cap Tamarin is delighted to share the launch of Life Together, a medical centre dedicated to providing a broader range of healthcare services to West Coast residents. Life Together aims to fulfil this need by offering a diverse array of medical services tailored to meet the unique needs of their patients.
15 December 2019
On December 15, the new road located in the heart of the Smart and Happy village of Cap Tamarin has opened to traffic. A humble opening ceremony was held on Sunday morning in the presence of: Kian Jhuboo, Ezra Jhuboo, Georges Talbotier, Ashvin Seeboo and Bertrand Hanauer, who hold the positions of Director, Chairman, Group CEO, CEO of the real estate division of the group and CEO of Transinvest company respectively.
02 July 2018
Eric Triton is a well-known Mauritian musician, recognised on the international music scene. The guitar virtuoso is known for creatively merging sega, blues and jazz with his vocal roar to bring Mauritian-tinged performances to the world. His inspiration? The village of Tamarin is a source of inspiration for Eric Triton. A handful of his childhood memories played out here, from camping and [...]
18 May 2018
Can you briefly tell us about how you're involved in the Cap Tamarin - Smart & Happy Village project? For more than five years now, together with the shareholders of Trimetys group, we've been visualising a project that lives up to the standards of this large and strategically placed property. I had the privilege of being able to participate in the genesis of this project, and I'm now undertaking [...]
22 May 2018
"California girls, we're undeniable, fine, fresh, fierce, we got it on lock, west-coast represent, now put your hands up..." You lower the volume as you enter the Tamarin beach parking lot. Melissa just got out of her car, and nobody needs to know that you secretly listen to Katy Perry. But hey, it's been a stressful day at work, [...]
23 May 2018
On Wednesday the 23rd May 2018, the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravind Jugnauth, officially inaugurated the Cap Tamarin Smart and Happy Village project and La Maison Cap Tamarin. More than simply champagne and cocktail snacks, the event truly captured the cosy ambience of what this smart village envisions. Partly held under the stars and partially covered by three large tipi marquees, the event featured chic, [...]
05 June 2018
In this day and age, being a working mom while trying to stay fit and also enjoy life is not an easy feat! Or is it? Tackling life with zeal, Elodie is a proud mother of two joyful little girls and the manager at a well-known beverage company. She’s a fan of high heels, lipstick and enjoying a drink (or two) with her friends. As a sportswoman, [...]
05 July 2018
The director of the institution, Sandra Rabier tells us about it. Tell us about ULIS? The Local Unit for School Inclusion (ULIS) is not a class in its own right; it is a set of tailor-made facilities. Disabled pupils are in normal classes according to their age. They can share learning sessions with peers [...]
09 March 2020
« Tamarin has this energy that’s completely different from everywhere else. » Mario Guillot is a designer and the creator of the established clothing brand, IV Play. Since 1994, he has worked hard to make the brand what it is today. He now brings his talents to the home, furniture and décor design sectors. His connection with Tamarin Mario loved coming to Tamarin [...]
09 September 2018
Cap Tamarin Ltd has announced today that it has received $ 10 million in funding from Vantage Capital Fund Manager (PTY) Ltd. This Johannesburg-based company has funds under management and investments of over $500 million. Cap Tamarin Ltd is the first Mauritian company financed by the South African company. This investment will [...]