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02 September 2022
We introduced you to six great shopping options in our previous issue of ‘Cap sur Tamarin’. Here are 4 more essential businesses at 'La Place Cap Tamarin' that service the residents of Tamarin and the west.
02 September 2022
Discover some of the businesses in 'Coeur Cap Tamarin' that make this mall such an exciting destination in Cap Tamarin.
23 August 2022
Cap Tamarin aims to become a focal point for the West. Our smart city positions itself as a hub for entrepreneurs and a new economic capital. The current objective is to improve the productivity of the various stakeholders while improving their living environment.
18 August 2022
It was 9am when we joined the Tamarin Bay Cruises team at La Balise Marina to spend a romantic day on board their catamaran. We could admire the morning sun reflecting on the undulating waters of the bay. Sea and sky merged into one and time seemed to stand still.
12 August 2022
Cédric Descombes is a resident of Tamarin and the General Manager of Plankton Recycling Cooperative Sty Ltd. He tells us more about this cooperative enterprise based in Bel Ombre.
09 August 2022
Landscaping work is well underway at Cap Tamarin Park. Endemic trees and plants such as Mimusops coriacea (monkey’s apple), Tournefortia argentea (heliotrope), Diospyros egrettarum (coastal ebony) and Cyphostemma mappia (Mapou tree) as well as part of the lawn will be planted in March 2022.