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26 July 2021
Buying your first property can be a daunting process. How can you be sure of making the right choice? How will you finance the purchase? Cap Tamarin is aware of the questions and issues you have to deal with and assists first-time homebuyers with their project.
16 July 2021
Recycling gives a new life to our waste materials and conserves our natural resources. Discover where you can recycle in Cap Tamarin and the surroundings...
26 July 2021
Cap Tamarin Park has something for everyone: play areas, exercise spaces, amphitheatre... Its plant species have also been carefully chosen...
26 July 2021
Smart cities focus on six key pillars to enhance our lifestyles. Mobility is one of the ways to make that happen: is a 15-minute city concept the solution?
26 July 2021
In line with its philosophy where sports play a central role, the Smart & Happy Village of Cap Tamarin has engaged itself as a ‘Gold Partner’ on the project.
26 July 2021
Have you been to the Charity Centre yet? Through its Tamarin shop, it raises funds to help the underprivileged, people with disabilities, and stray animals.