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15 December 2019
On December 15, the new road located in the heart of the Smart and Happy village of Cap Tamarin has opened to traffic. A humble opening ceremony was held on Sunday morning in the presence of: Kian Jhuboo, Ezra Jhuboo, Georges Talbotier, Ashvin Seeboo and Bertrand Hanauer, who hold the positions of Director, Chairman, Group CEO, CEO of the real estate division of the group and CEO of Transinvest company respectively.
10 October 2018
In an effort to reduce congestion and enhance the safety at the entrance of Tamarin, construction work for an upgraded road network took off last week. The infrastructure work contract has been awarded to Transinvest Construction Ltd [TCL] a subsidiary of Colas group a global player in the world’s construction market who has been working locally for more than[...]