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Event Tag: #smartcity

11 June 2020
This ambitious economic development project launched in 2015 by the Economic Development Board (EDB, formerly known as the Board Of Investment - BOI), with the support of the Mauritian Government, aims to consolidate Mauritius into a full-fledged international business and financial hub through the development of Smart Cities across the island.
18 May 2018
Can you briefly tell us about how you're involved in the Cap Tamarin - Smart & Happy Village project? For more than five years now, together with the shareholders of Trimetys group, we've been visualising a project that lives up to the standards of this large and strategically placed property. I had the privilege of being able to participate in the genesis of this project, and I'm now undertaking [...]
05 June 2018
In this day and age, being a working mom while trying to stay fit and also enjoy life is not an easy feat! Or is it? Tackling life with zeal, Elodie is a proud mother of two joyful little girls and the manager at a well-known beverage company. She’s a fan of high heels, lipstick and enjoying a drink (or two) with her friends. As a sportswoman, [...]