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26 November 2020
Transactions were slowed down during the confinement but since the property market quickly resumed its activities to catch up for the delay. The crisis has particularly impacted a certain category of buyers, those who wanted to contract a property loan and who had little or no personal capital contribution were forced to leave the market. However the other categories of buyers are still active as relocations (for work, for a lifestyle change, for expatriation) continue to happen and there is still the need to house the seniors as well as people with limited mobility.
11 September 2020
During the past years, numerous real estate projects in Mauritius have been sold under the Vente en l'État Futur d’Achèvement (VEFA) also known as the off-plan buying. Governed by the French Civil Code, this type of transaction allows the buyer to acquire a property which has yet to be built or whose construction has not yet been completed, on the basis of plans and descriptive and graphic documents, provided by the promoter.
06 June 2020
Cap Tamarin has launched this Saturday 6th of June, the commercialisation of its brand new residential project through a virtual presentation, attended by a hundred potential future buyers! Located at the heart of Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village, this new residence named O’Patio, comprises 72 apartments ranging from 1-to 4-bedroom. It is available for ownership with monthly repayment starting from Rs 18,609*, thanks to a privileged partnership with SWAN.