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Event Tag: #happysakili

22 November 2018
On the 10th of November, Cap Tamarin hosted an exceptional event, punctuated with diversity and local vibes. Around 6,000 festival-goers were in attendance in the heart of the future park of Cap Tamarin. People, both young and old, danced to the rhythm of their favourite artists [...]
08 November 2018
For the first edition of Happy Sakili, Cap Tamarin chose to celebrate the musical richness of the island, characterised by the fusion of different music genres, and invited a plethora of artists to perform. From seggae to blues, from sega-rock to soul music, these musical genres will blend to please your ears. They are young talents that [...]
09 November 2018
On the 10th of November, from 2 pm to 11 pm, Cap Tamarin, will be the scene to a new genre of event, open to everyone. Halfway between a funfair and a music festival, the first edition of Happy Sakili has been imagined to promote unity and urban collectivism. Happy Sakili promises to be a memorable evening where you will move to the rhythm[...]