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Event Tag: #évènement

22 November 2018
On the 10th of November, Cap Tamarin hosted an exceptional event, punctuated with diversity and local vibes. Around 6,000 festival-goers were in attendance in the heart of the future park of Cap Tamarin. People, both young and old, danced to the rhythm of their favourite artists [...]
23 May 2018
On Wednesday the 23rd May 2018, the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravind Jugnauth, officially inaugurated the Cap Tamarin Smart and Happy Village project and La Maison Cap Tamarin. More than simply champagne and cocktail snacks, the event truly captured the cosy ambience of what this smart village envisions. Partly held under the stars and partially covered by three large tipi marquees, the event featured chic, [...]
08 November 2018
For the first edition of Happy Sakili, Cap Tamarin chose to celebrate the musical richness of the island, characterised by the fusion of different music genres, and invited a plethora of artists to perform. From seggae to blues, from sega-rock to soul music, these musical genres will blend to please your ears. They are young talents that [...]
09 November 2018
On the 10th of November, from 2 pm to 11 pm, Cap Tamarin, will be the scene to a new genre of event, open to everyone. Halfway between a funfair and a music festival, the first edition of Happy Sakili has been imagined to promote unity and urban collectivism. Happy Sakili promises to be a memorable evening where you will move to the rhythm[...]