What’s new at Cap Tamarin?

09 August 2022

A ‘green lung’ at Cap Tamarin

Landscaping work is well underway at Cap Tamarin Park. Endemic trees and plants such as Mimusops coriacea (monkey’s apple), Tournefortia argentea (heliotrope), Diospyros egrettarum (coastal ebony) and Cyphostemma mappia (Mapou tree) as well as part of the lawn will be planted in March 2022. Construction of the pétanque court will also be launched! The wait is nearly over and completion is scheduled for last trimester of 2022.


Promote #ShopLokal by supporting good quality produce

The Farmer’s Market at La Place Cap Tamarin is a weekly Saturday morning event between 9am and noon, that was revived in November 2021. It is a single place to connect producers practicing sustainable farming and informed residents by promoting healthy and conscientious consumption habits through chemical free and sustainable farming produce, a food and handicrafts market, etc. To join the Farmer’s Market, contact: : [email protected]


What’s up A’loès ?

Villas A’loès is taking shape with five villas and the perimeter wall under construction! Nine 202 m² plots are still up for grabs.

Book an appointment to meet our sales team at La Place Cap Tamarin from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.00pm and on Saturday mornings.

Read the full Cap sur Tamarin Magazine:

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