What is a Smart City ?

11 June 2020

With its 1,865 km2 and a geographical density of 626 persons per square km (by far the highest population density in Africa), urban development is at the centre  of the national preoccupation. In order to address the challenges related to growing urbanisation (traffic congestion, pollution, overcrowding and deterioration of infrastructures, non-optimisation of the natural resources…), the country is embracing sustainable development through its Smart Mauritius project.

This ambitious economic development project launched in 2015 by the Economic Development Board (EDB, formerly known as the Board Of Investment – BOI), with the support of the Mauritian Government, aims to consolidate Mauritius into a full-fledged international business and financial hub through the development of Smart Cities across the island. 


What is a Smart City?

Developed using the latest advancements in urban planning and digitalised technologies,  Smart Cities are being built with ideal conditions for living, learning, working and playing and stimulating investment (live, learn, work & play).

Indeed, Smart Cities across are mixed-use developments comprising office, retail, business, residential and entertainment components, schools and medical centres all integrated in a coherent Master Plan. According to the legal framework (Smart City Scheme), Smart Cities should:

  • Develop focusing on innovation, sustainability, efficiency and quality of life;
  • Aim at generating its own resources in terms of energy and water as far as possible;
  • Encourage smart modern transportation to reduce congestion and;
  • Optimise the use of resources to promote social and economic welfare.


This legal framework comprise 6 fundamental components:

Smart Economy

Fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, utilisation of ICT encouraged in businesses within the Smart Cities to gain economic competitiveness.

Smart Governance

For proper functioning of a smart city project, service providers together with relevant public, private, civil, regional and national organisations should be linked and share data with the aim of improving the quality of life of the citizens. Smart Cities developers should also promote transparency and participatory decision making.

Smart Environment

To the extent possible, a smart city project should aim at the creation of green buildings, at the implementation of waste management and recycling systems,  and pollution control to ensure sustainable development.

Smart Mobility 

This component focuses on infrastructures encouraging soft and intelligent mobility, such as cycling paths, with the aim of reducing pollution and traffic congestion.

Smart People

It is important that Smart City projects provide facilities that enable its citizens to access education and training, improves creativity and fosters innovations.

Smart Living

Another important factor is  to provide for an enriched secured lifestyle, with all the necessary infrastructures and facilities within close proximity.


Investing in a Smart City comprises numerous advantages:

  • The legal framework allows both Mauritians and foreigners citizens to acquire a freehold property.
  •  It is the only scheme with no minimum investment value for foreigner 
  •  First time Mauritian buyers are exempted up to Rs 200,000 from payment of registration duty on acquisition of a residential unit under the scheme
  •  Any non-citizen acquiring a residential property for a sum exceeding USD 500,000 (or its equivalent in any hard  convertible foreign currency) is eligible to apply for a residence permit. 
  •  The Smart City Scheme is the only scheme allowing foreign citizens to acquire an office in the country.
  •  There is no restriction on the rental or resale of residential units within the Smart City.
  •  A number of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to investors.


What does Cap Tamarin offer as a Smart City?

More than a Smart City, Cap Tamarin ambitions to be a Smart & Happy Village with the ideal conditions to live, work and play. This very first smart eco-responsible village in the Indian Ocean offers a variety of residences to fit every need and budget, from the studio to the luxury villa, office and retail spaces, a commercial centre, a sports centre, a park, educational institutions (from the pre-primary to high school), medical centres…all the necessary facilities within close proximity! Outdoor enthusiasts will find great spots nearby to enjoy nature: the mythical Tamarin Bay, La Tourelle mountain, the Black River Gorges National park, and even Le Morne…! Moving to Cap Tamarin, is choosing a unique lifestyle at the heart of a booming region!

You can contact us by mail [email protected] for more information about the advantages of an acquisition at the heart of our Smart City.