What is a Smart City ? Chapter 4 : Smart Living

04 November 2022

The aim of a smart city is to improve the quality of life of its residents and users. Let’s take a closer look at the various dimensions of the key pillars of these efforts in Cap Tamarin.

  1. Spaces for leisure and fun – Cap Tamarin has a 3-hectare riverside park and a 3km stretch of pedestrian and bike paths offering spaces for socialising and leisure that are perfect spots to relax. An amphitheatre will also be created in the park to accommodate cultural events.
  2. A diverse community – This is one of the greatest assets of the West, along with magical sunsets and a favourable climate. Diversity is an essential component of Cap Tamarin and the surrounding village. Various generations of people of different origins and social backgrounds live together and engage in mutually rewarding interactions.
  3. Well thought-out infrastructure – All the basic essentials must be available in the neighbourhoods of a smart city for a more pleasant and convenient lifestyle. The infrastructure of Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village has been carefully designed to ensure that nature as well as housing, shopping, work, schooling facilities and public transport, among others, harmoniously coexist in close proximity.
  4. Soft mobility – Everything is within 15 minutes by foot or cycle in Cap Tamarin. From dropping the kids off at school to taking a shopping trip, going to an appointment or playing sports, everyday life becomes easier! You save time to focus on what is truly essential: enjoying life.
  5. Enhanced safety – Public roads are lit and designed for pedestrian and cyclist protection, and enable them to safely enjoy the city at any time.
  6. A sustainable environment – Environmental sustainability and quality of life go hand in hand. Cap Tamarin has launched various relevant initiatives. The Smart & Happy Village promotes sustainable resource management and environmental protection.

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