What is a Smart City? – Chapter 3: Smart Economy

23 August 2022

This part of our special feature sheds light on the smart economy.

Cap Tamarin aims to become a focal point for the West. Our smart city positions itself as a hub for entrepreneurs and a new economic capital. The current objective is to improve the productivity of the various stakeholders while improving their living environment.

Encouraging entrepreneurship

Picture a city where entrepreneurs are encouraged to work together on a daily basis; a city that brings together the best minds to generate great ideas; a city where economic players challenge each other and work side by side to take the region, and even the country, forward.

This is no longer an aspiration but a reality. The smart city’s master plan is designed to encourage interaction between users and consequently, to foster competitiveness and entrepreneurship. A number of factors contribute to setting up a dynamic economic hub, such as connecting work spheres together; creating coworking spaces where different skills converge; and property developments like L’Ofis, which provides four types of spaces in one – Live, Work, Play, Learn.

Quality of life to drive productivity

There is no doubt that traffic jams, long commute times and the difficulty to meet obligations for logistical reasons affect productivity. Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village unlocks productivity by forming concentric zones that bring together all the amenities required by its users – both professionally and personally.

As a result, this creates more fulfilled individuals with better everyday comfort, more efficient employees at work and thriving businesses.

There are great challenges ahead for the city of tomorrow. And the benefits are even greater for all those involved.

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