What is a smart city? Chapter 1: Smart mobility

26 July 2021

With the advent of smart cities, we are facing the challenge of making our cities smarter. Those smart cities focus on six key pillars to enhance our lifestyles: Smart Mobility, Smart Living, Smart People, Smart Environment, Smart Governance and Smart Economy. In this issue, we will discover a first component: mobility.

Our island’s economy is growing and we have to take on board the challenges of urbanisation while embracing a more sustainable development model. Mobility is one of the ways to make that happen: is a 15-minute city concept the solution?


A 15-minute city 

This urban planning concept holds that a city must be composed of neighbourhoods where all the daily essentials (shopping, healthcare, education, work and leisure) are within a 15-minute walking or cycling distance for a more convenient and enjoyable lifestyle.

This kind of land-use planning enables people to put their car aside and use public or active transportation, such as cycling or walking. Leaving our cars behind is also an opportunity to revitalise the city in order to make it more liveable for everyone! Footpaths, cycle tracks, tree-lined streets and urban parks are basic elements for a city where you can breathe and relax.


All the essentials in close reach and adventure just around the corner!

Cap Tamarin has chosen to embrace soft mobility and its residents and users are already taking full advantage of the pedestrian-friendly environment of Cœur Cap Tamarin and La Place Cap Tamarin. In the future, you will be able to get around the entire city by bicycle or on foot, from the Park to the new Riverland Sports Centre! You will also find a number of essential services on your way: C-Care Clinic Cap Tamarin, the Super U supermarket, various shops and businesses as well as sports and leisure activities for a pleasant everyday life!


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