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18 November 2022

Sophie Aubriet has made custom travel her vocation. She has decided to settle down in Cap Tamarin, from where she helps you craft your dream getaway. Let’s catch up with the artisan of your travel desires.

Travelling the world

Originally from Paris, Sophie started her career with a travel agency in 1999. She very quickly went on to become a sales representative for a promising start-up tour operator. In 2007, meeting with her husband-to-be, Gregory was a life-changer for Sophie. “One week after we met, we quit our jobs to travel the world!”

Moving to Tamarin

The rest almost came naturally. After working in a variety of roles from Head of Products to Product Manager with various employers, Sophie founded in 2015 her own tour operating business specialised in custom travel, Planète Production. In 2018, she decided to settle in Mauritius with her family for its proximity to Africa and Asia, the gentle way of life, kitesurfing, golf – and the friendly atmosphere of Tamarin.

New direction

Sophie is constantly on the lookout for new destinations. Botswana, Malawi and Zambia always move her to tears, but there are so many hidden treasures yet to be discovered on the planet. If you have dreams of visiting the Arabian Desert, the wild Kenyan reserves, the vast expanses of Australia, the nature parks of Slovenia or the limestone canyons of Saudi Arabia, Sophie is the right person to turn them into reality!

Discover more – Planète l’Agence

Email – [email protected]
Phone – +230 483 0045


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