09 September 2018

Cap Tamarin Ltd has announced today that it has received $ 10 million in funding from Vantage Capital Fund Manager (PTY) Ltd. This Johannesburg-based company has funds under management and investments of over $500 million.

Cap Tamarin Ltd is the first Mauritian company financed by the South African company. This investment will enable the promoter of the first eco-friendly seaside village in the Indian Ocean to accelerate the project’s infrastructure works as well as roads and green spaces.

According to Georges Talbotier, CEO of Trimetys Group, “This investment rewards the achievement of several milestones in Cap Tamarin’s development plan. Complemented by bank financing and sales, the entry of Vantage Capital Fund Manager as a reference investor, will boost the realization of the project.” He adds, “we need strong partners to achieve such an ambitious project. For us, Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village is the realization of a vision; we thank Vantage Capital Fund Manager (PTY) Ltd. for sharing our values.”

Warren van der Merwe, COO of Vantage Capital Fund Manager, said. Vantage Capital is excited to partner with Trimetys to make our first Mauritian investment in a mixed-use development project in a prime coastal location that manages to combine an aspirational island village lifestyle with a strong developmental impact on surrounding communities.”

For him, this project brings along many benefits, “This innovative mixed-use development is located in a prime location on the west coast of the island. It also manages to combine an island lifestyle while having a strong impact on the development of neighboring communities”

Currently, ULIS’ students are all enrolled on a full-time basis. They progress according to their needs and abilities. If needed, they can get support from the school psychologist or speech therapists.

For recap, the Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village project was launched on May 23rd in Tamarin.