Top tips for hiking La Tourelle!

26 July 2021

What better way to escape than with a nature walk? Though it’s less well known than the climb up Le Morne, a hike up La Tourelle de Tamarin, which towers over Tamarin village, is a breath of fresh air! 


Ask for permission

The two paths that lead to the top of La Tourelle take you through savannah and woodland typical of western Mauritius. However, they are located on private land, so you’ll need to request a permit or you’ll be trespassing. To ask for permission for your hike, contact [email protected].


Start early

Both trails are exposed to the sun, so start early to avoid the heat – especially in the summer! Make sure to also bring good shoes and plenty of water. 


Stay safe 

The tracks up the mountain are steep and relatively challenging: there are several rocky sections to scramble up, and the sandy stretches near the summit can be slippery. A decent level of fitness is required and this walk isn’t recommended for younger children. If it’s been raining heavily, it’s best to postpone your hike.  


Soak in the view

After a sheer, rocky climb, you’ll be rewarded with jaw-dropping views of the island’s west coast. Sit back and admire the lagoon’s gorgeous shades of blue, the silty waters of Tamarin Bay, the Black River Gorges and the hulking silhouette of Le Morne in the distance! 2


Difficulty: moderate to challenging
Duration : 3-4 hours  
Total elevation: 540m