08 April 2020

You move at lightning speed from your couch to your bed? Have you become an expert in the art of lying down ? This is all gone! Here are the top 10 things to do while staying at home:


1. Learning to cook new recipes

It’s been months that you have been thinking about a healthier way of eating and changing your diet but this was always out of your schedule. It’s now the time to try new recipes! YouTube is a real treasure vault for those who want to find simple, tasty and healthy recipes. Grab your saucepans !


2. DIYs

If you have some materials handy, it could be a great idea to decorate a room of your house ! You could also rethink your garden space and bring in small decorative elements. The YouTube channel ‘5-minutes crafts’ is perfect for simple and clever DIYs. It is also a very nice activity to do with your children.


3. Decluttering your closets

Make way for major cleaning and decluttering! It is now the time to get rid of those old t-shirts or outfits that no longer fit us or that we bought on a whim. Make room for more thoughtful future expenses and give away your clothes to non-governmental organizations such as Le Pont du Tamarier and KOLEKTIF RIVIER NWAR.


4. Engage in a sporting activity

Of course the gyms are closed but that does not mean that you cannot stay fit at home! There are lots of free mobile apps that offer easy-to-perform exercise sets. Also, you can follow the online classes of the Riverland Sports Club on their Facebook page.


5. Meditate or do yoga

Uncertainty and stress go hand in hand! In order to avoid being overwhelmed by stress, meditation and yoga can be good ways to relax and focus on what’s more important.


6. Read, read, read!

Not the fake news! This is an opportunity to read these books that have been lying on our shelves for months, even years … There are also several websites that offer free downloadable books during the period of confinement. It’s the chance to grab the best seller you’ve been looking for !


7. Make a home improvement

How about fixing the broken sprinkler or that crackling plug that scares everyone in the house ? Making small improvements to your living space can only be beneficial to you and your family during this period.


8. Start your own vegetable garden

Are you one of those people who complains about the rise in vegetable prices? Starting your own vegetable garden could be a great idea! Take a nice spot in your garden or your balcony, whatever makes it for you. A container, soil, a few seeds and you’re done; organic vegetables at the step of your door!


9. Register for online courses

Imagine getting back to work with a new certification or speaking a new language?! The perfect way to impress your colleagues and your boss at the same time. Many websites are currently offering online courses for free or at very affordable costs right now. Elevate your skills and indulge in a productive confinement. 


10. Encourage tourism by making virtual tours

Have you always dreamt of discovering a new tourist destination or visiting a renowned museum? You can do this by taking a virtual tour right from your couch. Visit the volcanoes of Hawaii or climb the Great Wall of China from the comfort  of your home and dream of the trips you will be taking very soon.


A return to the simple things of life is essential during this confinement period. Seize this opportunity to relax, improve your day-to-day life and spend time with your family. Let’s turn off Netflix for a while and get started!