The small producers’ market of Cap Tamarin: A weekly rendez vous not to be missed!

26 March 2024

Every Saturday morning, from 8 am to noon, La Place Cap Tamarin transforms into a true haven for lovers of local and artisanal products. “The small producers’ market” brings together a multitude of passionate small producers, offering a wide range of fresh, high-quality products.

Colorful stalls offer seasonal vegetables and fruits, grown with care and love. Some producers have chosen organic farming, while others focus on small-scale production, ensuring the freshness and flavor of their products.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, you will also find homemade delicacies such as cakes, jams, and prepared dishes. Artisans are not left out, offering unique and original creations.

The market’s friendly atmosphere allows visitors to interact directly with the producers, learn about their working methods, and benefit from expert advice. This special relationship between producers and consumers is at the heart of the philosophy of “the small producers’ market.”

If you would like to participate in this wonderful adventure as a producer or artisan, feel free to contact Jayeen from Trimetys at 5729 7017. Join this dynamic community and contribute to promoting local know-how!

Here’s a video where Jayeen and the exhibitors tell us about this wonderful little market:

So, join us every Saturday morning at “La Place” to discover and savor the wonders of the “small producers’ market.” A moment of sharing and discovery not to be missed!

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