The Cap Tamarin Market: Meet with Aurore Rouzzi

26 July 2021

La Maison Paysanne – Trimetys Group’s agribusiness cluster – organizes a farmer’s market every Saturday at La Place Cap Tamarin. Aurore Rouzzi, Head of Operations, talks to us about it.


After a trip to the Cap Tamarin market, what is in your basket?

Many good things! Organic fruits and vegetables (depending on the seasons: lettuces?, carrots, squash, greens, tomatoes, aubergines, etc.), and other products made on a small scale, with no added chemicals and containing a minimum of 50% locally sourced ingredients (cakes, breads, snacks, jams, pickles, crisps). The market also allows for people who live in and around Cap Tamarin to have access to quality products right outside their homes!


Tell us more about La Maison Paysanne…

This new brand, launched by Trimetys at the beginning of 2021, combines the different divisions of the group’s Agribusiness activities. We produce organic fruits and vegetables (as well asg honey). We also propose workshop trainings on organic gardening and we offer private consulting (for individuals and professionals). Our aim in setting up the market was to put the spotlight on local projects and suppliers. 


Why is it important to consume local products?

We want to support the local job market and encourage people to produce more sustainably. The food we put on our plates play a big role in our independence, the circular economy and the valorization of local produce.


Cap Tamarin Market
Every Saturday
From 9 am to 12
F: LaMaisonPaysanneIleMaurice