[Cap Sur Tamarin] The Antoine Tsia Lip Ken Foundation at work

The Antoine Tsia Lip Ken Foundation (established in 2012 by the Super U Group), Super U and Coeur Cap Tamarin have launched a large-scale social, environmental and cultural project in the West in March 2021. The aim is to improve the lives of people in the region – especially the youth – through supporting or setting up a number of initiatives in various fields: early and late childhood (culture and development), sports, arts, women entrepreneurship and the environment. 

Short-, medium- and long-term actions include the creation of a modern nursery for children from vulnerable families between the ages of 3 months and 3 years; sponsorship of the Tamarin Cycling Club; support for the Arts and Culture Centre of La Pointe Tamarin, which promotes youth development through visual arts; the implementation of a women entrepreneur support project; and facilitating the participation of children from the village of Coteau Raffin in the Sunday Care sessions hosted by ABAIM (educational, social, and cultural activities held every Sunday at Le Morne). Environmental projects will also be implemented in the near future, including awareness campaigns, clean-ups and installation of garbage bins.

The  Antoine Tsia Lip Ken Foundation is involved in the region to foster the sustainable development of the village of Tamarin and its surroundings – while promoting youth development and ensuring a better living for the inhabitants. 

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