Street Art at Tamarin – Using art to shape urban spaces

07 October 2022

Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village is set to become the hotspot of the West Coast and a place where quality of life takes centre stage. Art and culture hold a special place and a call for street art projects was launched in early 2022. #FeelCapTamarin was the theme chosen to visually share the story of Cap Tamarin, its values, history, present time and projects, among others. A total of 25 artists were selected to create murals in different places of the Smart & Happy Village.

These urban artworks depicting salt workers, surfers, mountain or water landscapes recount the tale of everyday life and enhance the city’s value while improving the living environment for residents and users of Tamarin. The participation of the local people and pupils from École Paul & Virginie has helped create bonds and strengthen the sense of belonging to the region.

Beyond the value added for the village, these murals also contain certain messages about education, environmental protection, representation of extinct species, etc. They are a reminder of the fragility of our island and the need to take care of it.

#FeelCapTamarin is also a project that fosters access to art, which was taken out of the usual cultural venues and put within everyone’s reach to serve as a showcase for amateur and established local artists. Among the 25 participants selected by the jury, the public voted for Alison Fricain, Syam Mudhoo and Giovanni Laurent.

The Smart & Happy Village puts special emphasis on pedestrian access and this street art ‘exhibition’ can be enjoyed on foot. Come and take a stroll around Cap Tamarin to discover their works! – Street Art à Cap Tamarin


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