05 July 2018

The director of the institution, Sandra Rabier tells us about it.

Tell us about ULIS?

The Local Unit for School Inclusion (ULIS) is not a class in its own right; it is a set of tailor-made facilities.

Disabled pupils are in normal classes according to their age. They can share learning sessions with peers in their class of reference. They also have a program and modules adapted to their needs. When they leave their class, specialized Ulis’ teachers take care of them.

How does these facilities work?

Currently, ULIS’ students are all enrolled on a full-time basis. They progress according to their needs and abilities. If needed, they can get support from the school psychologist or speech therapists.

What are the reasons that led you to create this structure?

We aim to include students with disabilities. Some students have very special needs and cannot succeed in a traditional classroom even with significant adjustments of the teaching team.

Ulis is in line with our efforts to develop our students “openness”. We open our school to these students. In return other students “open up” to different schoolmates.

What about the staff? Did they get specialized training?

We have 2 staffs within this structure: a French teacher and a childcare assistant. The specialized teacher works with the teachers of the reference classes. This coordination is crucial for the students to make progress.

How many students enjoy these facilities?

Currently, 8 students enjoy these facilities. Some manage to follow 5% of the teaching of their reference class and others 80%. It helps them progress and reduce the risks of dropping out.

What is the profile of ULIS’ students?

Within ULIS’ we even welcome students with very limited social and academic skills. Academic level is not a selection criterion. We have pupils who have different learning disabilities and difficulties. Our aim is to provide the best pedagogical accompaniment irrespective of the child’s abilities or disabilities.