Reduce, reuse, RECYCLE !

16 July 2021

Recycling gives a new life to our waste materials and conserves our natural resources. So do not hesitate: the environment will say « thank you »!


Mission Verte is an association that collects paper, cardboard, plastics and aluminum cans. In the West, containers can be found in the parking lot of Paul & Virginie school in Tamarin (1) and in the village of Black River (2 – For plastics and cans only).


The parking lot of Cœur Cap Tamarin (3) has a recycling bin for glass, plastic bottles and cans and that of London Way (4) collects plastic bottles and cans.


Super U (5) has sorting bins for selective waste inside its building (for glass, cans, cardboard, plastics) and also collects used cooking oils. 


At Espace Maison (6),0 you can discard specialty batteries, lightbulbs and PET plastic bottles.


For the recycling of Nespresso capsules, find your way to their store in Ruisseau Creole (6).


Various segregated containers designated for plastic bottles can be accessed on Tamarin’s Bay parking (8) ; à the intersection of the Royal Road and Jacarandas Road (9) ; next to the cemetry (10) ; by Black River football ground (11).



How to sort your waste?

Whether through genuine mistakes or acts of incivility, it can happen that some waste materials end up in the landfill instead of being recycled. To avoid this:

  • Put your waste in the right recycling bin, and do not throw away materials that can’t be recycled; this can contaminate the containers and makes the work of sorting and collecting more difficult.
  • Do not leave your waste outside the recycling bins: if these are full, find another site nearby or come back a few days later.


If everybody participates, it becomes easy to recycle our garbage!
Recycling guides are available on missionverte.org