Portraits by Stéphane Mussard

21 November 2022

Continuing from our previous issue, we bring you a few more portraits by the photographer and video artist, Stéphane Mussard. He is deeply in love with his village and this series introduces to us some of the people who are the driving force of Tamarin.


Malika is a teacher at École Paul et Virginie. She believes that education consists above all in taking into account the individuality of each pupil to create citizens who respect others and the environment. Her favourite technique is play-based learning!


After spending 39 years working for the CEB, James has been taking care of the churches of Saint Thomas, Saint Augustine and Our Lady of Fatima for 6 years. A tireless handyman, he has now retired and continues to work at home with his family.


For 10 years, Éric has been running La Cosa Nostra, a highly successful pizzeria with a menu of no fewer than 42 pizzas! This native of Grenoble has also opened a small rotisserie next to his restaurant.


Armella has been working as a hairdresser in the Tamarin area for over 19 years. This highly motivated woman’s motto is: where there’s a will, there’s a way! She opened her own salon a few years ago.



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