Painting the Black River coast with Yeshen Gunnoo

19 July 2022

The watercolourist, Yeshen Gunnoo has been painting Mauritius for 35 years with a remarkable passion for Black River, as evidenced by his exhibition in November 2021 at Coeur Cap Tamarin.

The inspiration

The painter is particularly inspired by the Black River coast, where he has spent a lot of time since his childhood; his mother is “enn zanfan Riviernwar” – a native of the region. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, he returned there regularly to make his first paintings.

The process

Yeshen travels the island by bus and on foot with his easel, painting his works on the spot. The scents, colours and atmosphere of a place add texture to his paintings. In Black River, his work is inspired by the scent of acacia trees, pie lakol (which directly translates to ‘glue tree’) and pie maron.

The sharing

He feels that it is important to share the emotion in a painting. This is precisely why his pricing remains affordable to allow the greatest number of people to have access to his art. His works are not available on websites or social networks; he invites you to come and meet him directly at his place in Vacoas.

Yeshen Gunnoo – 5931 0306

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