09 March 2020

“Tamarin has this energy that’s completely different from everywhere else.”

Mario Guillot is a designer and the creator of the established clothing brand, IV Play. Since 1994, he has worked hard to make the brand what it is today. He now brings his talents to the home, furniture and décor design sectors.

His connection with Tamarin

Mario loved coming to Tamarin as a kid. And this was back when the village had only a few scattered houses and Trois Bras was the only shop around. He would visit his uncle often and spend school holidays there to soak up the good vibes the village gave off. Mario tells us, “When I had to build my own place, the natural reaction was to return to the west. It always left this permanent holiday feeling in my heart.”

Cap Tamarin’s “Villa 8IGHT” project

With a background in fashion, Mario’s approach to architecture and interior design is certainly unique. As the mastermind behind Cap Tamarin’s Villa 8IGHT project, he tells us, “Before creating the architecture, I imagined the emotions and feelings I would want the owners to experience living in the villas 8IGHT. Our home is our refuge, and it should be a place we cannot wait to get into.”

Mario wanted occupants to be able to connect with the outdoor elements while being cocooned inside the villa. And thus, he geared towards a light, airy and artful home design. The design makes use of materials such as wood, raw concrete, metal, as well as glass. Mario also mentioned that he “wanted to redefine what we call home and propose a surprising interior design that embraces and celebrates Mauritius. This way future owners might be known as ‘the lucky 8IGHT’.”

His thoughts on Cap Tamarin

“We’re lucky that Tamarin is being developed through the Cap Tamarin project. It’s a fully integrated project that has taken into account the needs of the current and future generations.” Mario says that apart from improving the lifestyle of the inhabitants, and the way they commute, the Cap Tamarin project has also taken into account how to cross the river and safely access the beach by building dedicated pedestrian gateways. “It will be a place where we can walk or cycle to work, school, the sports club or a trendy café, and leave our cars behind. I personally cannot wait to experience life after the Cap Tamarin project is completed.”