05 June 2018

In this day and age, being a working mom while trying to stay fit and also enjoy life is not an easy feat! Or is it?

Tackling life with zeal, Elodie is a proud mother of two joyful little girls and the manager at a well-known beverage company. She’s a fan of high heels, lipstick and enjoying a drink (or two) with her friends. As a sportswoman, she attributes completing the 50 km Dodo Trail ultramarathon as her greatest sporting accomplishment so far. Yes, you read that right! 50 km! That’s not something you wake up one day and say, “Oh, I think I’ll run 50 km today.” That, my friend, takes some a lot of training.

What’s her secret?

Could it be the spirit of Tamarin that helped her to embody ‘Wonder Woman’? Elodie’s a Tamarinian completely in love with her village and she simply can’t imagine herself staying anywhere else. She tells us, “Tamarin is in my DNA – it’s my childhood, it’s my adolescence and now, it’s my adult life.”

Her playground

For Elodie, the village is her playground. She goes from leaping through the waves at the beach to sipping a drink while watching the sunset. Then, from rowing through the nearby river with the emblematic La Tourelle mountain in the backdrop, to exploring the trails of the Gorges or the paths of Matala by bike. Life in Tamarin is filled with adventure!

‘Tamarin is an extraordinary human-sized playground where the quality of life is incredible’

Elodie already loves Cap Tamarin

“Modernity is a good thing, the village must evolve, and it’s better to have it done in a Smart City spirit that’s sustainable and respects the ecology and essence of the village.” Likewise, due to her busy schedule, Elodie is more than happy that the Cap Tamarin project will bring new facilities to the village that currently require a drive across the island. Thereby, making it easier and quicker for her to access.

So from Elodie, here’s a toast to the good life in Cap Tamarin! Cheers!