Meet with Ashvin Rambhujun, Architect of O’Patio Residence

26 October 2022

Modernisation is important, but a village draws its charm from its soul – Ashvin Rambhojun

Why embrace architecture if not for to enhance your environment and make people’s lives more beautiful. Ashvin Rambhujun has been practising as an architect in Mauritius for nine years. After working in various firms on the island, he set up Architectural Revolution Ltd, specialising in sustainable architecture, in 2017.

Inspired by the “less is more” approach of the American architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, simplicity has become his signature. This is reflected in the architecture of O’Patio Residence in Cap Tamarin with clean, modern lines designed in harmony with the landscape of the site.

O’Patio is one of the young architect’s favourite projects, combining two of his main concerns, cultural heritage and the environment. While working on this development, he noticed that Tamarin has a strong community feel that brings the residents together. They like to meet and talk to each other while enjoying the village, its landscape and climate. Ashvin translates this atmosphere into large common terraces planted with tropical foliage, which serve as meeting places for residents.

He believes that while modernisation is important, a town or village draws its charm from its soul. “As an architect, I have a moral duty to respect and enhance it,” confides Ashvin. He has also made a point to design O’Patio Residence for optimum energy consumption: waste water will be used for irrigation and solar water heaters will be installed. With its modern, smart and environmentally-friendly architecture, Ashvin’s creation is a new heritage asset for Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village.

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