La Place Cap Tamarin: Even more shopping experiences!

13 September 2022

We introduced you to six great shopping options in our previous issue. Here are four other places to visit on your next trip.


Nabridas is quite simply THE market leader in swimming pools! With more than 20 years of expertise, they supply equipment, accessories and swimming pool supplies to create convivial spaces and fill your dreams with sunshine.

T : 233 2702
F : @nabridas


No more Sunday household chores with Pers’o! This laundry service for individuals offers professional quality, eco-friendly washing. They take care of your clothes and accessories, but also your curtains, bedding, tapestries and other household items. It’s OK if you don’t feel like driving to Pers’o, they will come to your place.

T : 207 2000
F : @persotextilecare

Sha Floral

According to the French writer, Victor Hugo, “Life is a flower”. Sha Floral invites you to celebrate life with fresh flowers and personalised bouquets! Not to forget the impeccable service with a smile!

T : 57 67 37 10/ 57 18 66 38
E : [email protected]

Barachois Pharmacy

It’s Sunday, you just woke up and you’re sick. Where can you find a pharmacy? Look no further, Barachois Pharmacy is open 7/7 with a wide range of products. The personnel is always ready to listen to your specific needs and guide you: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, allopathic, perfumery or wellness products.

T : 483 83 45

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