08 November 2018

For the first edition of Happy Sakili, Cap Tamarin chose to celebrate the musical richness of the island, characterised by the fusion of different music genres, and invited a plethora of artists to perform. From seggae to blues, from sega-rock to soul music, these musical genres will blend to please your ears. They are young talents that are not to be missed, discover or rediscover these Mauritian artists who will give a unique concert, filled with the good vibes of the west, on the 10th of November. Zot pare pou met lafaya ?

Orizinal Blakayyo

Jean-Clario Gateaux a.k.a. Blakayyo, a member of the OSB group and a finalist of the Prix découvertes RFI in 2011, will be heading the line-up. Influenced by different musical worlds like reggae, seggae and dancehall, Blakayyo is an emblematic figure in the musical landscape of Mauritius. Known for his stage presence, this inhabitant of Bois d’Oiseaux will deliver a dynamic performance, not to be missed under any circumstances.

Eric Triton

He needs no introduction. Guitar virtuoso and blessed with a powerful voice, the local bluesman, who is proud of his roots, has made himself known on the international stage. If he draws inspiration from his island, from the west in particular, he distinguishes himself by his ability to blend different musical genres to create his unique music.


You will be introduced to the music of the formidable trio, Deeran Moorghen, Manraj Bicka and Wilford Wong, combining sega and rock; a surprising and enticing style. From Kathy to Mari fer goutchei, you will get carried away by their originality and mosh to the songs of these rising stars.


A swap in genre with the musical group A4C, young performers of rap whose lyrics are inspired by social phenomenons. If people usually dance to music, that of A4C also prompts them to think. Inspired by their own experiences, the titles of A4C are a message of hope for the young generation and the elders.

Les Inkonus

They are known for their energy on stage and the complicity that they share. They are nine friends pumping a breath of fresh air in the musical scene. Zoli fi or Andrea are two key tracks of their album Twa, famous to make us sway and wear a smile.

Hans Nayna

Love is one of the themes that Hans Nayna likes to explore. To send these universal messages and reach as many people as possible, the singer and experienced guitarist sings mostly in English and takes us to his musical world made up of pop-rock or blues.

Jason Lily

His good spirit is contagious and his voice breaks the barriers. Jason Lily, born into a family of artists and gifted with many talents, embraces life. A singer, musician and showman at heart, he sways from funk to seggae with an ease that he only masters.


She is amongst the few female DJs of the island. Behind the decks, Tessa de Chalain stirs the crowd in numerous nightclubs of the island where she appears as the guest of honor. Clubbers will surely recognise her tracks which are inspired by her emotions and studded with underground beats. Radiant and passionate, Tess brings a feminine touch to the electronic music.


His world? Reggae. His philosophy? Simplicity. Rafiki, whose real name is Raphael Audibert, is a singer and composer living on the west coast. In April, he released his first album Baboon, with the help of the group Fusional Mind of La Gaulette. Since then he’s been singing with sincerity and is committed in building a peaceful society.


He’s only 17 years old and still he is a DJ and producer known in the local and regional electronic music scenes. After his participation in the Electropicales in Reunion Island, he rised to the top and pursued his career as a DJ, performing in various music festivals around the island. To make you swing, Greg will offer an afro- and trap-influenced set.

Patrice D’Avrincourt

To finish the day in style, DJ Patrice d’Avrincourt will be at the decks to make you dance as you never have. A football enthusiast, Patrice is also a famous presenter and when he is around, it’s always pretty lively.