Happy sakili: an absolute success

22 November 2018

On the 10th of November, Cap Tamarin hosted an exceptional event, punctuated with diversity and local vibes. Around 6,000 festival-goers were in attendance in the heart of the future park of Cap Tamarin. People, both young and old, danced to the rhythm of their favourite artists, relished the culinary richness of the island, and simply had a good time. Organised by Trimetys, the event was high in emotions. Here’s a recap of the day’s highlights.

69 artists on a stage worthy of major festivals, 160 restaurant owners from around the island and loads of smiles that showed a multi-cultural, yet united Mauritius. “Happy Sakili was an absolute success, and it’s mainly thanks to the public who worked together with us. They have fully embraced the philosophy we want to promote, which is to fully integrate the community into building the village of tomorrow,” says Ashvin Seeboo, CEO of Trimetys’ Real Estate Cluster. Happy Sakili has been a delight for many reasons. Even in the rain, it featured all the ingredients necessary to make the West vibrate: a rustic-chic décor that blended perfectly with nature, a range of fun activities and a myriad of talented artists.

Under a gigantic tipi, friends and families gathered for a moment of intense fun. Activity-wise, children were mesmerised by yesteryear’s games. Happy Sakili was also an eco-friendly event. In addition to using bamboo cutlery and reusable cups, many festival-goers sponsored plants that will be used to embellish the park. But the stage was where the real magic happened. From the very first performance, by the energetic Flasbak, the public jumped with joy. The highlight of the show was, without a doubt, Blakkayo, the headliner, and his team of musicians who set the stage on fire. It’s occasions like this that make us proud to be Mauritians. Sakili!