18 May 2018

Can you briefly tell us about how you’re involved in the Cap Tamarin – Smart & Happy Village project?
For more than five years now, together with the shareholders of Trimetys group, we’ve been visualising a project that lives up to the standards of this large and strategically placed property. I had the privilege of being able to participate in the genesis of this project, and I’m now undertaking its implementation alongside the CEO of our real estate division and our teams.

In a few words, describe Cap Tamarin and the main idea behind the project?
We had a strong desire to develop Tamarin in an innovative way. Our aim was to highlight the natural, geographical as well as human assets of this magnificent region. Cap Tamarin embodies this vision. We feel a heavy responsibility to succeed in this alchemy between our current and future lifestyles.

Are the residents of Tamarin involved in this process? How?
First of all, the majority of the Trimetys team working on the project lives in the area. And of course, Cap Tamarin is a participatory project. We’ve facilitated a process to this effect. During the administrative phase, meetings were organised. La Maison Cap Tamarin was specifically set up with the purpose of creating a meeting point for residents to query and discuss the project. Also, our interactive website allows everyone to express themselves on the ‘Let’s Talk’ forum. Focus groups with people from the region were organised as well, most recently for the Freedom Hill senior residence. Cap Tamarin is evolving. This project will continue to integrate pertinent elements of all those who wish to be involved in it.

Tamarin is already a popular residential spot, for locals and expats alike, how will the project improve the lives of these people?
You’re right, Tamarin attracts many new inhabitants especially families. This is partly due to the activities and facilities available in the village. Alongside the developments made by other companies, Trimetys’ contributions in Tamarin so far include the Riverland Sports Club, the shopping centre La Place Cap Tamarin, and the École Paul et Virginie. These businesses have all created jobs in the area. Cap Tamarin will continue to boost the economy of the region and create even more opportunities for businesses. Among the developments planned, there is a public park situated along the river, the creation of dedicated paths that will facilitate moving around on bike or foot, and add to the overall quality of life. What’s more, Cap Tamarin will offer a much more diverse range of accommodations that differs from what the region currently features.

The word “smart”, when applied to an area in the global sense of the term, usually implies a strong reliance on technology to manage assets and resources efficiently. Is this the case for Cap Tamarin and how?

Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village will be smart in terms of technology. In addition to fibre optics, various applications will be rolled out by our service providers in this field. You’ll find this technology on shared infrastructures to help with better management. It will also be present in buildings to make everyday life easier for users.

When can we start to experience Cap Tamarin?
Some components of the project are already underway, this includes the primary infrastructure works. Cap Tamarin is ready to be experienced – you can buy, invest and start planning your future in Cap Tamarin as of now. The essential part of the village will be completed in only 5 to 7 years.

What do you think is the biggest innovation Cap Tamarin is bringing to Mauritius?

A new neighbourhood connected to a historic village with strong economic and human ties. Cap Tamarin will seamlessly blend into the rest of Tamarin like it was naturally constructed over time. Everything you need is a short distance away and can be accessed by foot or by bike – the sea, the mountains, schools, shops, housing, offices and more. It’s unique and totally innovative.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?
The energy to achieve and the impatience to have a coffee on a terrace in the future heart of the village.