Football for the ladies

25 July 2022

The first women’s team at Riverland Mauritius was launched about two years ago by Loïc Joanno, in charge of the football academy of the club. Four of his protégées now play for the national Under-17 (U-17) team – https://youtu.be/ryKv9BtNzSg

By chance or coincidence, when Loïc took up his duties in 2020, a pitch time slot was available. He therefore decided to use it to set up a women’s football team. A few girls joined in through the NGO, Les Anges du Soleil and new recruits were attracted through word of mouth.

The girls took part in several national team trials in 2021. Yrena, Lola, Manon and Emilie were selected to join the U-17 age group! For Lola, entering the world of football at a national level has improved her self-confidence both on the pitch and in life.

According to Loïc, a woman football player must give her very best on the pitch, “There is no progress without effort.” As with the boys, the coach encourages his players to focus on discipline, personal commitment, solidarity and a good understanding of the game.

Yrena has been interested in football since her childhood – her father is passionate about the game and enjoys watching football on TV. “When I started a year ago, I immediately took a liking to the game and wanted to push my own boundaries,” she says.

Lola, who started playing football with the boys, immediately felt well integrated into this predominantly male environment. “Now it’s the boys who come to cheer us on at our games,” she says with a smile.

This will undoubtedly be an exciting adventure for the four Riverland Mauritius players.

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