22 May 2018

“California girls, we’re undeniable, fine, fresh, fierce, we got it on lock, west-coast represent, now put your hands up…” You lower the volume as you enter the Tamarin beach parking lot. Melissa just got out of her car, and nobody needs to know that you secretly listen to Katy Perry. But hey, it’s been a stressful day at work, and you just needed to let loose a little bit. You quickly park the car and reach back to get your backpack from the backseat to ensure that you’ve got everything you need. Towel… check. Savat… check. Sunglasses… check. Fedora… check. Sexy speedo briefs… check. Swim shorts to cover up sexy speedo briefs… check. Coconut water and a packet of banana chips freshly purchased from Boutique Carlos… check and check. You’re all set!

Nothing beats ending the day at the beach and letting the day’s worries disappear along with the setting sun. Surrounded by some good friends, with coconut water in one hand and a banana chip in the other, the last hour of daylight in Tamarin is savoured to the fullest… every day. The beach… actually, village as a whole has its way of making you feel like you’re on a never-ending holiday, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Life is calmer in Tamarin
Life seems to move at a slower pace, which allows each passing moment to be appreciated. On your daily jog, you spot your neighbour, Hans, who just came back from buying some fresh veggies at Pote’Agé. You stop, chat, and joke about the how the passing herd of goats might come after Hans and his bio veggies! The coastal village and its people have naturally established a year-round holiday culture. This lifestyle inspires entrepreneurship, creativity and freedom to live the way you want to. How about catching some waves during your lunch break before heading back to the office? In Tamarin, that’s normal.

2. A diverse population living together in harmony
Somehow, by some mystical twist of fate, the village possesses an almost perfect ratio of the multicultural melting pot that is Mauritius. Locals and foreigners, of all colours and cultural backgrounds, come together to enjoy an ideal way of living. On a simple trip to the boutik around the corner, you’ll find a colourful mix of beautiful people chilling together.

3. A playground of activities
What was once uniquely a fishing village has now evolved to become a playground for people of all ages. Apart from the Riverland Sports Club, which boasts an extensive range of fitness and sporting activities, living an active lifestyle in Tamarin is a breeze. At the beach, you can go for a jog, a swim, play beach tennis and beach volley or enjoy the plethora of water activities that include surfing, SUP, snorkelling and sea karting. For Nalia and Greg, going for a hike up the mountain or trekking in Black River Gorges are fun ways to connect with nature while staying fit. Yoga lovers, like Melissa, are spoilt for choice – depending on her mood, sometimes she does yoga at home, sometimes on the bay at dawn and sometimes she’ll even take a quick drive down to the Gorges to do yoga there.

4. A jamming session around the campfire
There’s no better way to embrace the holidays than starting a jamming session around the campfire. Evoking memories of school trips, being in the scouts and just plain good ol’ times surrounded by people you adore! At Tamarin, jamming sessions (some of which feature popular musicians) and campfires are embedded in the way of living. What’s more, anyone and everyone is welcome to join in and share in the good vibes.

5. Breathe in fresh air, all day, every day
The weather, friendly people, chilled lifestyle, beach proximity and range of activities encourage people to spend more time outside. With the serene blues of the sea and the soothing greens of the mountains surrounding you, Tamarin is an ideal place to enjoy a happier and healthier life.

What if you had more time to do the things you love?
Cap Tamarin, the new walkable extension of the Tamarin village, will help you to really embrace this lifestyle even more. Offering you more job opportunities, a complete range of facilities in proximity, which include a park, a clinic and a hypermarket, as well as properties to suit each stage of life, soon you and your family will have more time to kick back and relax with some coconut water and banana chips.