Coeur de Ville Tamarin mall at a Glance

25 November 2022

Go green with Super U!

Wondering what to do with your waste after sorting? Super U provides recycling bins for glass, cans, plastic, cardboard and used cooking oil. Together, let’s protect our beautiful island!

Where? In the Super U building, next to the escalator, and in the parking lot.




A kids’ playground

Enjoy a relaxing shopping experience while your children are having fun at Coeur de Ville Tamarin. A new play area with slides and swings located behind the KFC store will delight the little ones – and enchant the parents!

Where? Near the left entrance of Coeur de Ville Tamarin.




All services in one place at Coeur de Ville Tamarin

Coeur de Ville Tamarin provides you with all the daily conveniences, including shopping, going to the pharmacy, getting a manicure and trawling the shops. Everything is at your doorstep to serve you better.

Where? At Coeur de Ville Tamarin mall.




Coeur de Ville Tamarin
Phone +230 484 0062
(Mon-Sat) 9:30 AM – 8:30 PM
(Sun) 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM

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