The Charity Centre: Making a difference with second-hand goods

26 July 2021

Have you been to the Charity Centre yet? Through its Tamarin shop, it raises funds to help the underprivileged, people with disabilities, and animals.


Raising money through donations

Founded in 2013, the Charity Centre’s shop accepts donations of “clothes, shoes, accessories, books, decorations, electronics, toys…” explains Francesca Talbot, the 

assistant to the Charity Centre’s president. Items in good condition are sold, with prices starting at Rs 5. The rest is either donated, recycled or upcycled. “All of our proceeds go to partner NGOs,” adds Francesca.


Aiding families and strays 

During lockdown, the Charity Centre distributed food packs to vulnerable families and NGOs. It also began to raise funds to feed stray animals. “Though we work mainly in the west, we’re now able to cover other parts of the island,” says Francesca.


Help wanted

“Having people commit to a day or more per week to help run the shop would be so helpful,” she tells us.  “They can also organise a collection drive. We’d also love help with running free workshops to empower women and help vulnerable children, especially at this time when schools are closed. There are so many ways to help – just get in touch!”


9am to 2pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
F: charitycentretamarin 
T: 5918 8568 / 5988 0808