Cap Tamarin’s Park: A sustainable landscape

26 July 2021

Cap Tamarin Park has something for everyone, from play areas to exercise spaces and even an amphitheatre. Its plant species have also been carefully chosen to ensure that the park matures naturally over time.


“As landscape architects, we have a responsibility to both work with nature and raise awareness of environmental issues,” explains Ashvin Mooneeram, who designed Cap Tamarin Park. “We sought to preserve Tamarin’s natural character by choosing the right vegetation, creating undulating paths and planters echoing the river, and using local materials including field stones and filao trunks for the park’s hardscapes.” 


“We chose lowland dry forest and coastal species that are ideally suited to local conditions and won’t require chemical inputs, soil modification or much maintenance. We also created dry zones with wild grass that will turn brown during the dry season and become green again with the first drop of rain,” he adds. Around 40,000 plants will ultimately be planted in the park, of which 10,000 native species. 


“Landscape architecture is about creating spaces in which people can live, work, walk, interact, rest and meditate… It is about creating emotions and experiences while coexisting with nature,” concludes Ashvin.