[Cap sur Tamarin] The Park, a bubble of oxygen

28 April 2021

Joggers, nature lovers, yogis and families are advised to get ready for the opening of Cap Tamarin Park. This 3-hectare green open space along the river will allow you to indulge in all your favourite outdoor activities. Just like you, we are looking forward to it!

Life in green

The park has great green ambitions, including enhancing the village’s appearance, improving both air quality and quality of life and instilling nature awareness among city dwellers! The 40,000 plants (including 10,000 endemic plants) spread throughout the park will also contribute to the return of wildlife in the area. Moreover, you will be able to socialise with neighbours while growing your own vegetables at the community garden that will be open to all Cap Tamarin residents.


Attention all athletes! Get ready!

Cap Tamarin Park is the perfect workout spot with a health path, a fitness area, a Zen area for yoga and Pilates (with a view over the river mouth!), beach volleyball courts, a skate park and access to the water sports available at Lakaz Kayak.

We will also provide play areas (for children and adults), a very pleasant reading kiosk and dining options for relaxation and fun. Our goal is to attract people from around the island to have “enn ti piknik parc Cap Tamarin”!

A cultural interlude

The park will support artists from the region and beyond through installations, ephemeral pieces of art, sculptures as well as musical and cultural events. A grass-carpeted amphitheatre will also be available for outdoor shows.

The park…

… offers free admission to everyone

… is secure, with specific opening hours

… can be accessed through a main entrance and two footbridges from the village

… is well-equipped with parking facilities, toilets and a security post