[Cap Sur Tamarin] Cap Tamarin, an eco-friendly village

28 April 2021

Cap Tamarin is committed to the future of the region and the island. Find out more about our four priority action areas!

1. Quality of life

Residents of Tamarin, your well-being is our priority. The good thing is that an improved quality of life also means a healthier environment!

  • A greater number of green spaces provides people residing in and using the village with a more appealing landscape, increased shading and cleaner air.
  • The Park is set to be the green lung of Cap Tamarin with three hectares of greenery, 40,000 plants, local ecosystem protection and dedicated areas for outdoor sports and leisure. Everything has been designed for your well-being!

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2. Energy

We strive to find convenient solutions to achieve higher energy self-sufficiency.

  • Our household appliances hold A+ certification according to European standards.
  • The Coeur Cap Tamarin Centre uses a Property Management System to regulate cooling production through a plant that supplies the entire complex.
  • Our domestic hot water production uses 100% solar energy.
  • We use a smart cooling system with multi-speed fans and inverter air conditioners to optimise cooling production.
  • We apply the principles of bioclimatic architecture (natural cross-ventilation, green walls, etc.). 


3. Water

Water is a precious commodity in Mauritius! The West is particularly affected by dry conditions.

  • A new pipe will bypass Cap Tamarin to bring water to the entire village in order to prevent our water use from impacting supply to downstream neighbourhoods. 
  • Our plants treat 100% of our wastewater, which is then used for watering gardens and roadside vegetation.
  • We will use the new rainwater collection system to irrigate common areas and the park.


4. Waste management

  • Sorting bins are available at various locations in the village.
  • Each development is equipped with solid waste sorting bins.

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