[Cap sur Tamarin] Where Smart development = Happy people

28 April 2021

Cap Tamarin’s mission is simple: to make life better for everyone who lives, works and makes use of the Tamarin region. It’s committed to protecting the environment and creating opportunities for locals to work and play in the area. In these uncertain times, it’s never been more important to put people first!


Supporting local kids

Cap Tamarin sponsors 150 local children aged 3 to 16, allowing them to take part in activities at the Riverland Sports Club. The aim is to keep them off the streets and give them an opportunity to meet children from different backgrounds and cultures, while playing football and rugby and taking dance and swim classes among others. Cap Tamarin has also renovated Tamarin’s public football field, so the kids can show off their new-found skills! 


Creating new jobs 

Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village’s new shopping centre employs 250 people, most of whom live in the Tamarin village and the surrounding area. It will also be home to a daycare centre for parents who live nearby.


Protecting the environment

As an eco-friendly development, Cap Tamarin walks the talk: rainwater is harvested to irrigate green spaces, solar panels power street lights, and recycling bins have been placed at La Place Cap Tamarin, in the shopping centre and on the premises of Paul & Virginie School. Bike and walking paths have also been planned to encourage people to make fewer trips by car.  

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Creating green spaces for the community

Set along the banks of the river and due to open this year, the Cap Tamarin Park will be open to everyone in the community. It will include an amphitheater, a children’s play area, a community garden, a skate-park, and spaces dedicated to gentle sports such as yoga. 

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