[Cap sur Tamarin] Welcome home!

28 April 2021

A Smart & Happy Village has projects to suit all tastes, something for every budget and solutions for all stages of life! Take a guided tour of Cap Tamarin’s residential offer ranging from apartments to villas.


An immersion into real life!

The scene is set with the beautiful decor of waves rolling into the bay and the wild natural backdrop of the Black River Gorges. Cap Tamarin is a lifestyle in itself. Everything essential is within close reach and adventure is just a stone’s throw away in this cosmopolitan town tucked between land and sea – enough to lead a colourful life!


Live, Work, Play

Cap Tamarin offers a selection of housing complexes, villas, apartments and shops, among others, in mixed-use neighbourhoods that are redefining our lifestyles with greater convenience and warmth. The result is a vibrant city centre where everything from work to play is available all day long within walking distance.


What are you looking for?

From the small O’Patio apartments to A’loes villas, including the Freedom Hill senior living residence, Cap Tamarin offers a wide range of housing options designed to cater to all preferences and budgets, with prices ranging from Rs 3.9 million to Rs 27 million. Couples, young families, first-time buyers and retired people will be delighted by the peaceful environment and great quality of life!


In the neighbourhood

83% of the owners of the 137 units sold to date are Mauritian!