[Cap sur Tamarin] Coeur Cap Tamarin’s wall paintings

28 April 2021

Coeur Cap Tamarin has succeeded in combining art and ecology, with wall paintings and art installations made from recycled materials. These colourful works pay tribute to nature and the surf and sea lifestyle of Tamarin, while also reflecting a genuine desire to raise environmental awareness.

On one wall, the graphic designer, James Rajabally has created a work representing the Tamarin Salt Pans using 40,000 plastic caps. On another one, there is a thought-provoking fish-shaped installation made with recycled materials. The author, Avish Khettur also designed and crafted an installation illustrating Rempart Mountain using plastic bottles with the support of Kewin Kotadoo and Sabeer Syed Hossen.

“Tamarin is close to nature, the mountains and the sea. I specialise in illustrating Mauritian culture and landscapes, so it was only natural for me to join the project. Beyond the environmental aspect, we wanted the murals to offer visitors something that we are not used to seeing in a shopping mall,” says James Rajabally.